TM10-3930-660-34 16-12.3.   OUTER BOOM - REPLACE/REPAIR (Cont’d) 3. CONNECT HOSES (1 and 2) TO UNDERSIDE OF OUTER BOOM (3). a. Start engine and raise outer boom (3) as required for access to lines (4).  Stop engine. WARNING Remove hose caps carefully prior to connecting lines (4) in step 3b.  Hydraulic oil may be under pressure.  Failure to follow this precaution will cause personal injury. b. Connect three hoses (1) to three lines (4) at bulkhead as tagged. c. Position hoses (2) on underside of outer boom (3) and secure with four clamp halves (6), nut (7) and capscrew (5). 4. START ENGINE AND LOWER OUTER BOOM (3) UNTIL HORIZONTAL.  STOP ENGINE. 5. INSTALL INTERMEDIATE BOOM, PARA.  16-12.2. 6. LUBRICATE BOOM PIVOT PINS AND BOOM HOIST CYLINDER UPPER PIVOT PINS, LO10- 3930-660-12. 16-88