TM10-3930-660-34 16-12.3.   OUTER BOOM - REPLACE/REPAIR (Cont’d) d .Repeat steps 1b and 1c for other pivot pin. 2. PLACE JACKSTAND OR SUPPORT ON FRONT OF VEHICLE DECK.  ADJUST SUPPORT SO OUTER BOOM (3) IS LEVEL WHEN LOWERED. 3. CAREFULLY LOWER OUTER BOOM (3) WITH HOIST AND SLING UNTIL FRONT OF BOOM (3) IS RESTING ON SUPPORT. 4. CONNECT ROD ENDS OF BOOM HOIST CYLINDERS (8) TO OUTER BOOM (3). a. Reposition slings to front of outer boom (3). b. Lift outer boom (3) until cylinder pivot pin holes of boom (3) are just above cab. c. Lift and support boom hoist cylinders (8). NOTE One boom hoist cylinder (8) will begin to extend before the other.  Install this cylinder (8) first.  Second cylinder (8) will begin to extend after first cylinder (8) is connected. d. Start engine.  Use joystick to extend boom hoist cylinder (8) until cylinder rod eye is aligned with pivot pin hole of boom.  Stop engine. NOTE Apply anti-seize compound to pivot pin (9) as installed. e. Install pivot pin (9). f. Secure pivot pin (9) to outer boom (3) with capscrew (10) and new locknut (11). g. Repeat steps 4d through 4f for other boom hoist cylinder (8). 16-87