TM10-3930-660-34 16-12.3.   OUTER BOOM - REPLACE/REPAIR (Cont’d) c. Install one clamp cover (18), two new lockwashers (17), and two capscrews (16) to each pair of clamp halves (19).  Ensure that clamp halves (19) are positioned as noted during disassembly. INSTALLATION NOTE Remove caps and plugs as hoses are installed.  Wipe all sealing surfaces on hydraulic components and hoses clean and dry.  Apply film of clean hydraulic oil to all seals as they are installed. 1. INSTALL OUTER BOOM (3) TO VEHICLE FRAME. NOTE Center of gravity for outer boom (3) is approximately 92.5 inches from front flange of boom (3). CAUTION To prevent damage to steel tubes (4) during step la, place wood boards between underside of outer boom (3) and slings. a. Carefully lift outer boom (3) into position over vehicle with hoist and sling.  Lower boom (3) as required to align boom pivot pin holes. N OTE Apply anti-seize compound to pivot pin (12) as installed. b. Position shims (15) between outer boom (3) and inside surface of vehicle frame.  Install boom pivot pin (12). c. Secure boom pivot pin (12) to vehicle frame with capscrew (13) and new locknut (14). 16-86