TM10-3930-660-34 16-12.3.  OUTER BOOM - REPLACE/REPAIR (Cont’d) a. Reposition hoist and slings to center of gravity for outer boom (3).  Carefully raise outer boom (3) until weight of boom is removed from boom pivot pins (12). b. Remove capscrew (13) and locknut (14) securing boom pivot pin (12) to vehicle frame. Discard locknut (14). NOTE Shims (15) may fall out as pivot pins (12) are removed. c. Remove boom pivot pin (12) from outer boom (3) and vehicle frame. d. Remove shims (15) from between outer boom (3) and vehicle frame.  Note quantity and position of shims (15) for use during installation. e. Repeat steps 5b through 5d for other boom pivot pin (12). CAUTION Be careful that lines (4) on underside of outer boom (3) are not damaged when boom (3) is lowered onto supports. f. Carefully remove outer boom (3) from vehicle and lower boom (3) onto supports. D I SASSEMBLY IF NECESSARY, REMOVE THREE LINES (4) FROM UNDERSIDE OF OUTER BOOM (3). Lines (4) are not interchangeable.  Note location of each line (5) for use during installation. 16-84