TM10-3930-660-34 16-12.2. INTERNEDIATE BOOK - REPLACE/REPAIR (Cont’d) c.  Move hoist with slings to the front end of intermediate boom (1). NOTE All used wear pads installed in steps 2 through 4 must be at least 3/8 inch  thick.    If  wear  pad  is  worn  to  less  than 3/8  inch  thick,    discard  old  wear  pad  and  replace  with new wear pad. NOTE Adjust hoist and sling as required during steps 2,  3,  and 4    to    provide    work    room    when    installing    wear    pad assemblies. 2. INSTALL TWO LOWER WEAR PAD ASSEMBLIES (PARTS 15-19) AT FRONT OF OUTER BOOM (2). NOTE Shims  (17  and  18)  are  used  as  required.  Install  same quantity of shims (17 and 18) as noted during removal. a. Position shims (17 and 18), spacers plates (16), wear pads (15),  and wear pad inserts (19) between intermediate boom (1) and outer boom (2).  Chamfered side of wear pad (15) must be facing towards intermediate boom (1).  Widest portion of wear pad (15) must be facing towards outside of outer boom (2). b. Apply Loctite 242 to capscrews (20).  Secure wear pad assemblies (parts 15-19) to outer boom (2) with flatwashers (22),  new lockwashers (21),  and capscrews (20).  Torque capscrews (20) to 30 lb.  ft. 3. INSTALL TWO SIDE WEAR PAD ASSEMBLIES (PARTS 8-11) AT FRONT OF OUTER BOOM (2). 16-77