TM10-3930-660-34 16-12.2. INTERMEDIATE BOOM - REPLACE/REPAIR (Cont’d) 2. REMOVE BOOM NOSE PULLEY, TM10-3930- 660-20, IF NECESSARY. 3 REMOVE WEAR PADS,  PARA.  16-14 FROM   TERMEDIATE BOOM (1),  IF NECESSARY. CLEANING See Cleaning Instructions,  para.  2-10. INSPECTION See Inspection Instructions,  para.  2-11. ASSEMBLY 1. IF REMOVAL WAS NECESSARY,  INSTALL WEAR-PADS, PARA.  16-14 INSIDE INTERMEDIATE BOOM (1). 2. IF REMOVAL WAS NECESSARY,  INSTALL BOOM HOSE PULLEY RETRACT CHAIN SHEAVE, TM10-3930-660-20. 3. IF REMOVAL WAS NECESSARY,  INSTALL BOOM RETRACT CHAIN SHEAVE, TM10-3930- 660-20. INSTALLATION 1 INSTALL INTERMEDIATE BOOM (1). NOTE Center of gravity for intermediate boom is approximately 82 inches from front flange of boom (1). Position hoist at center of gravity. a. Place a spreader bar under intermediate boom (1) Hold  reader bar in place until hoist with slings is installed. b. Use hoist or other suitable lifting device to install intermediate boom (1) into outer boom (2).  Slide the intermediate boom (1) ¼ of the way into outer boom (2). 16-76