TM10-3930-660-34 16-12.2. INTERMEDIATE BOOK - REPLACE/REPAIR (Cont’d) NOTE Be sure rope used during inner boom removal (para.  16-12.1) is placed in intermediate boom and fastened at each end. NOTE The weight of the intermediate boom (1) is 830 lbs. 1.  ATTACH A HOIST WITH SLINGS (OR OTHER SUITABLE LIFTING DEVICE) TO INTERMEDIATE BOOM (1). USE HOIST TO REMOVE INTERMEDIATE BOOM (1) 3/4 WAY OUT FROM OUTER BOOM (2). NOTE Note location and quantity of wear pad components.  Tag all components as removed. NOTE Raise or lower hoist and sling as required during steps 2 through 4 to provide work room when removing wear pad assemblies. 2.  REMOVE TWO UPPER WEAR PAD ASSEMBLIES PARTS 3-4) FROM FRONT OF OUTER BOOM (2). a.  Remove capscrews (5),  lockwashers (6),  and flatwashers (7).  Discard lockwashers (6). b.  Remove wear pads (3),  and wear pad inserts (4). 3.  REMOVE TWO SIDE WEAR PAD ASSEMBLIES (PARTS 8- 11),  FROM FRONT OF OUTER BOOM (2). a.  Remove capscrews (12),  lockwashers (13),  and flatwashers (14). Discard lockwashers (13). 16-74