TM10-3930-660-34 16-12.1. INNER BOOM - REPLACE/REPAIR (Cont’d) f.  Untie rope end from hose pulley support bracket (40).  Pull rope,  hoses (13,  14 and 15),  and boom electrical cable (25),  through hole near tensioner until free of slack. CAUTION Have assistant guide hoses (13,  14,  and 15) through  hole  near tensioner (20) while installing booms. g.      Make   sure   that   hoses   (13,      14   and   15),      and   boom electrical  cable  (25)  wrap  around  boom  pulley  (39)  and remain in proper position. h.   Push  inner  boom  (31)  and  intermediate  boom  (11)  into outer   boom   (2)   as   an   assembly   until   outer   boom   is approximately   one   foot   from   flange   of      intermediate boom (11). i.  Remove tape from around boom electrical cable (25) and hoses (13,  14 and 15).  Untie rope end from cable (25). 7.    SECURE  BASE  OF  BOOM  EXTEND  CYLINDER  (35)  TO ANCHOR (37). a.    Push  inner  boom  (2)  in  until  mounting  hole  of  cylinder (35) is aligned with mounting holes of anchor,  (37). NOTE Apply anti-seize compound to pin (36) as installed. b.    Secure  cylinder  (35)  to  anchor  (37)  by  sliding  pin  (36) into place.  Secure pin (36) with two retaining rings (38). c.  Remove wood block from under cylinder (35). 16-70