TM10-3930-660-34 16-12.1. INNER BOOM - REPLACE/REPAIR (Cont’d) 5.      USING   HOIST   AND   SLING   TO   MOVE   INNER   BOOM, CHECK    FOR    CLEARANCE    OF    0.01    TO    0.13    INCH BETWEEN  INNER  BOOM  SURFACE  AND  WEAR  PADS. IF NECESSARY,  ADD OR SUBTRACT  SHIMS (50,  51,  59 AND 60) UNTIL CLEARANCE IS WITHIN SPECIFICATION. NOTE Be  sure  one  foot  long  wood  block  placed  between  flanges  of outer boom (2) and intermediate boom (11) during step la, is still in place. 6.  PARTIALLY INSTALL INNER BOOM (31). CAUTION To prevent damage to hoses (13, 14 and 15),  and boom electrical cable (25),  have assistant pull rope attached to boom electrical cable (25) and hoses (13,  14 and 15) at rear of outer boom (2). a.    Push  inner  boom  (31)  into  intermediate  boom  (11)  until approximately  4  feet  of  inner  boom  (31)  extends  from front of intermediate boom (11). b.    Position  hoses  (13,    14  and  15),  and  boom  electrical cable (25) into shives on top side of hose pulley (39). c.    Untie  rope  from  anchor  (37)  a  rear  of  outer  boom  (2). Tie same rope end to hose pulley support bracket (40). d.    Using  chain,    rope,    or  hand  winch,    attach  inner  boom (2) and intermediate boom (11) together. e.    Pull  inner  boom  (31)  and  intermediate  boom  (11)  from outer boom (2) as an assembly until boom  hose pulley (39)    and    rope    end    are    visible    through    hole    near tensioner (20).  16-69