TM10-3930-660-34 16-12.1. IN BOOK - REPLACE/REPAIR (Cont’d) 1.  INSTALL INNER BOOM (31). a.    Support  a  1  foot  long  wood  block  between  flanges  of outer boom (2) and intermediate boom (11). b.  Position hoist and sling (or other suitable lifting device) at center of gravity for inner boom (31).  Place spreader bar between slings at underside of boom (31). c.    Position  inner  boom  (31)  in  front  of  intermediate  boom (11) with hoist and sling. d.  Tie end of rope to boom electrical cable (25). e  Tape ends of hoses (13,  14,  and 15) to boom electrical cable (25). f.  Place ends of boom electrical cable (25) and hoses (13, 14,  and 15) inside intermediate boom (11). g.  Pull cable (25) and hoses (13,  14,  and 15),  with rope at rear of outer boom until they are free of slack. h.  Put free end of retract chain (12) through pulley hole of intermediate boom (11).  Allow all slack of chain (12) to hang from hole. NOTE During step h,  have assistant guide cable (25) and hoses (13,    14,    and  15),    into  front  of  intermediate  boom  (11). Have second assistant pull rope at rear of outer boom (2). This will prevent hoses and cable from being crushed and damaged. i.  Install inner boom (31) into intermediate boom (11) approximately 3 feet. 16-66