TM10-3930-660-34 16-12.1. INNER BOOM - REPLACE/REPAIR (Cont’d) b.  Tie other end of rope to hose pulley support bracket (40). c.  Using chain,  rope,  or hand winch, attach inner boom (31) and intermediate boom (11) together at flanges. d.  Pull inner boom (31) and intermediate boom (11) out as an assembly until boom hose pulley (39) and rope end are visible through hole near tensioner (20). e.  Untie rope from hose pulley support bracket (40).  Tie same rope end to plug end of boom electrical cable (25). f.  Pull rope from rear of outer boom until cable (25) is not looped inside outer boom (2). NOTE Leave rope tied to cable (25). CAUTION To prevent damage to hoses (13,  14,  and 15),  and boom electrical cable (25), have assistant guide hoses (13,  14,  and 15) out rear of outer boom (2) during step 12g. g.  Use hoist and sling (or other suitable lifting device) to push intermediate boom (11) and inner boom (31) as an assembly into outer boom (2) until intermediate boom extends approximately one foot from outer boom (2). NOTE Adjust hoist and sling as required during steps 13 and 14 to provide work room when removing wear pad assemblies. 16-61