TM10-3930-660-34 16-12.1. INNER BOOM - REPLACE/REPAIR (Cont’d) WARNING At operating temperatures,  hydraulic oil is hot and under pressure.  Hot oil can cause injuries.  Allow hydraulic oil to cool before disconnecting any hydraulic lines. CAUTION Wipe the area clean around all hydraulic connections to be  opened  during  removal  and  disassembly.    Cap  oil lines and plug holes after removing lines. Contamination of the hydraulic system could result in premature failure. NOTE If more than one hydraulic line is to be removed,  identify lines to assure proper installation.  Use suitable container to catch any hydraulic oil that may drain from system. NOTE Combined  weight  of  outer  boom  weldment  and  boom extend cylinder is approximately 1500 lbs. REMOVAL NOTE Count and record number of turns nut (1) is loosened in step 1. 1. LOOSEN, BUT DO NOT REMOVE NUT (1) ON UNDERSIDE OF OUTER BOOM (2) TO RELIEVE TENSION ON EXTENDED CHAIN (3). 16-58