TM10-3930-660-34 16-12.BOOM ASSEMBLY - REPLACE (Cont’d) d. Start  engine.    Use  joystick  to  extend  boom  hoist cylinder  (12)  until  cylinder  rod  eye  is  aligned  with pivot pin hole of boom assembly (8).Stop engine. NOTE Apply anti-seize compound to pivot pin (13) as installed. e. Install pivot pin (13). f. Secure  pivot  pin  (13)  to  boom  assembly  (8)  with capscrew (14) and new locknut (15). g. Repeat  steps  4d  through  4f  for  other  boom  hoist cylinder (12). 6. CONNECT   THREE   HOSES   (9)   TO   LINES   (10)   AT UNDERSIDE OF BOOM ASSEMBLY (8). a. Start    engine    and    raise    boom    assembly    (8)    as required to access lines (10).Stop engine. WARNING Remove hose caps carefully prior to connecting hoses (9) in step 5b.  Hydraulic oil may be under pressure. b. Connect   three   hoses   (9)   to   three   lines   (10)   at underside of boom assembly (8). 7. START  ENGINE  AND  LOWER  BOOM  ASSEMBLY  (8) UNTIL HORIZONTAL.STOP ENGINE. 16-55