TM10-3930-660-34 16-12.  BOOM ASSEMBLY - REPLACE (Cont’d) CAUTION Be  careful  that  lines  (10)  and  electrical cable   (1)   on   underside   of   outer   boom section   are   not   damaged   when   boom assembly (8) is lowered onto supports. f. Carefully    remove    boom    assembly    (8)    from vehicle frame and lower boom assembly (8) onto supports. INSTALLATION NOTE Remove  caps  and  plugs  as  hoses  are installed.    Wipe  all  sealing  surfaces  on hydraulic  components  and  hoses  clean and dry. 1. INSTALL    BOOM    ASSEMBLY    (8)    TO    VEHICLE FRAME. NOTE Center of gravity for boom assembly (8) is approximately 9 feet from rear end of boom assembly (8). CAUTION To  prevent  damage  to  lines  (10)  and electrical cable (1) during step la, place wood    boards    between    underside    of outer boom section and slings. a. Carefully   lift   boom   assembly   (8)   into   position over vehicle with hoist and sling or other suitable lifting   device.      Lower   boom   assembly   (8)   as required to align boom pivot pin holes. NOTE Apply  anti-seize  compound  to  boom  pivot  pin  (16)  as installed. b. Position shims (19) between outer boom section and   inside   surface   of   vehicle   frame.      Install boom pivot pin (16). 16-53