TM10-3930-660-34 16-12.  BOCM ASSEMBLY - REPLACE (Cont’d) 7. REMOVE    BOOM    ASSEMBLY    (8)    FROM    VEHICLE FRAME. NOTE Center   of   gravity   for   boom   assembly   is approximately 9 feet from rear end of boom assembly (8). CAUTION To    prevent    damage    to    lines    (10)    and electrical   cable   (1)   during   step   5a,   place wood   boards   between   underside   of   outer boom section and slings. a. Reposition  hoist  and  slings  to  center  of  gravity  for boom  assembly  (8).Carefully  raise  boom  assembly (8) until weight of boom is removed from boom pivot pins (16). b. Remove  capscrew  (17)  and  locknut  (18)  securing boom   pivot   pin   (16)   to   vehicle   frame.      Discard locknut (18). NOTE Shims (19) may fall out as pivot pins (16) are removed. c. Remove  boom  pivot  pin  (16)  from  boom  assembly (8) and vehicle frame. d. Remove  shims  (19)  from  between  boom  assembly (8) and vehicle frame.  Note quantity and position of shims (19) for use during installation. e. Repeat  steps  7b  through  7d  for  other  boom  pivot pin. 16-52