TM10-3930-660-34 16-12.  BOOM ASSEMBLY - REPLACE (Cont’d) CAUTION Wipe  the  area  clean  around  all  hydraulic connections to be opened during removal and  disassembly.    Cap  oil  lines  and  plug holes after removing lines.  Contamination of   the   hydraulic   system   could   result   in premature failure. NOTE If  more  than  one  hydraulic  line  is  to  be removed,  identify  lines  to  assure  proper installation.    Use  container  to  catch  any hydraulic oil that may drain from system. NOTE Weight of boom assembly including boom extend cylinder is approximately 4100 lbs. REMOVAL 1. DISCONNECT BOOM ELECTRICAL CABLE (1)FROM SOCKET (2) ON VEHICLE FRAME. 2. DISCONNECT TWO HOSES (3) FROM BOOM EXTEND CYLINDER (4). a. Remove  four  bolts  (5),  four  lockwashers  (6),  and cover    (7),    from    rear    of    boom    assembly    (8). Discard lockwashers (6). b. Tag and disconnect two hoses from boom extend cylinder  (4).Close  hoses  (3)  securely  with  metal caps. c. Remove  locknuts  (a),  capscrews  (b),  and  clamp halves  (c)  securing  hydraulic  hoses  (3)  to  bottom of boom assembly. 3. DISCONECT  THREE  HOSES  (9)  FROM  LINES  (10) AT UNDERSIDE OF BOOM ASSEMBLY (8). 16-49