TM10-3930-660-34 16-11.CARRIAGE ASSEMBLY - REPLACE (Cont’d) 1. TAG    AND    DISCONNECT    FOUR    HOSES    (1) FROM FORK SIDESHIFT CYLINDERS. 2. DISCONNECT CARRIAGE TILT CYLINDERS (2). a. Attach carriage assembly to a hoist through a suitable sling. b. Take  up  slack  in  lifting  sling  to  allow  hoist  to support carriage assembly. c. Remove capscrew (3) and locknut (4) from tilt cylinder pivot pin (5).Discard locknut (4). d. While  supporting  tilt  cylinder  (2)  to  prevent  it from  dropping,  remove  tilt  cylinder  pivot  pin (5) using a pin puller. e. Carefully   lower   tilt   cylinder   (2)   onto   MLRS frame. f. Repeat  STEPS  a-e  for  tilt  cylinder  on  other side. 3. START ENGINE, TM10-3930-660-10. 4. RETRACT CARRIAGE TILT CYLINDERS (2). 5. SLOWLY    LOWER    BOOM    UNTIL    BASE    OF CARRIAGE   JUST   CONTACTS   THE   GROUND, AND    FORK    TIPS    ARE    ABOUT    ONE    INCH ABOVE   THE   GROUND.THIS   TAKES   WEIGHT OFF OF CARRIAGE PIVOT PINS (6). 6. SHUT OFF ENGINE, TM10-3930-660-10. 7. PLACE   WOOD   BLOCK   UNDER   EACH   FORK TIP. 8. REMOVE CARRIAGE PIVOT PINS (6). a. Remove  capscrew  (7)  and  locknut  (8)  from carriage pivot pin (6).  Discard locknut (8). b. Remove  carriage  pivot  pin  (6)  using  suitable pin puller. 16-46