TM10-3930-660-34 16-8.  FRAME TILT VALVE - REPAIR (Cont’d) e. Remove  O-ring  (17)  and  back-up  ring  (18).Discard O-ring (17). f. Do  not  remove  stop  pin  (19)  from  cap  (20)  unless damage is visible. CLEANING See Cleaning Instructions, para.2-10. INSPECTION See Inspection Instructions, para.2-11. ASSEMBLY NOTE Wipe  all  sealing  surfaces  of  valve  clean  and dry. Apply film of clean hydraulic oil to all seals as they are installed. 1. INSTALL  SHAFT  (13)  IN  CAP  (20)  WITHPARTS  (1-3 AND 19). a. If  removal  was  necessary,  install  stop  pin  (19)  in cap (20). b. Install back-up ring (18) and new O-ring (17) in bore of cap (20). c. Slide   shaft   (13)   through   hole   in   cap   (20).Install bushing (3) on shaft (13). d. Use pliers to install spring (2) on shaft (13). e. Install hub (1). 2. ASSEMBLE PARTS (4-18). a. Install bearing race (14) and bearing (15). b. Install  stop  plate  (16).Ensure  that  stop  pin  (19)  is centered in wide gap of plate (16). 16-35