TM10-3930-660-34 16-5.  MLRS ATTACHMENT CONTROL VALVE - REPAIR (Cont’d) f. Remove  and  discard  one  large  O-ring  (42) and two small O-rings (43) from each face of housing section. NOTE Valve   section   (39)   closest   to   outlet housing (36) has no shuttle plate (44). g. Remove    three    shuttle    plates    (44),    four springs  (45)  and  four  compensator  pistons (46). h. Remove  two  bolts  (47),  flat-  washers  (48) and   lockwashers   (49)   from   each   Electric Hydraulic     Proportioning     (EHP)     assembly (50).   Remove   eight   EHP   assemblies   (50). Discard lockwashers (49). i. Remove and discard two small  O-rings  (51) and  one  large  O-ring  (52)  from  each  EHP assembly (50). j. Remove spring (53) and spring seat54) from each housing section. k.    Remove spools (55 and 56) and two spools (57) from housing sections. l. Remove plug (58) from each spool. m.  Remove plug (59) and O-ring (60) if necessary.  Discard O-ring (60). n.   Remove plug (61) and O-ring (62)if necessary.  Discard O-ring (62). CLEANING See Cleaning Instructions, para.  2-10. INSPECTION See Inspection Instructions, para.  2-11. 16-26