TM10-3930-660-34 16-3.  TANDEM GEAR PUIP - REPAIR (Cont’d) b. Insert fabricated seal  removal  tool  (App.    B,  Fig.    C-1)  into  notch  between  double  lip  seal  (36)  and  end  cover (30). Tap seal out and discard. c.    Use a screwdriver to remove two plugs (37). d.   Remove two screws (38) and plate (39). e.    Remove four studs (4). CLEANING See Cleaning Instructions, para.  2-10. INSPECTION 1. INSPECT   GEAR   HOUSINGS   (6   AND   21).   REPLACE   GEAR   HOUSINGS   IF   WEAR   EXCEEDS   0.007   INCH CUTOUT. a. Place  a  straightedge  across  the  bore.    If  a  0.007  inch  feeler  gauge  can  be  slipped  under  the    straightedge  in cutout area, replace gear housing. b.   If cutouts are 0.007 inch or less, gear housing  is in good condition and may be used. 2. INSPECT THRUST PLATES (7, 13, 23 AND 32) FOR WEAR, SCORING, PITTING, OR ERODING. a. Erosion  indicates  oil  contamination.    Pitted  thrust  plates  indicates  cavitation  or  oil  aeration.    Discolored    thrust plates indicate overheating, probably insufficient oil. b.   Replace thrust plates if wear exceeds 0.002 inch. 3. SEE INSPECTION INSTRUCTIONS, PARA. 2-11. 16-14