TM10-3930-660-34 2-10.CLEANING INSTRUCTIONS. a.  General. (1)  The  cleaning  instructions  will  be  the  same  for  the  majority  of  parts  and  components  that  make  up  the 6KVRRTFL. (2) The importance of cleaning must be thoroughly understood by maintenance personnel.  Great care and effort are  required  in  cleaning.    Dirt  and  foreign  material  are  a  constant  threat  to  satisfactory  maintenance.    The following should apply to all cleaning, inspection, repair and assembly operations. (a) Clean all parts before inspection, after repair and before assembly. (b) Hands should be kept free of any accumulation of grease, which can collect dust, dirt or grit. (c) After cleaning, all parts should be covered or wrapped to protect them from dust and dirt.  Parts that are subject to rust should be lightly oiled. (3) Observe the following precautions during all cleaning operations: WARNING P-D-680  (Type  II)  is  a  flammable  solvent  that  is  potentially  dangerous  to  personnel.  Keep  away from heat, sparks or open flame.  Flash point of solvent is 138°F.  Use only in a well ventilated area.  Inhaling vapors over a period of time can cause headache and drowsiness.  Use gloves to prevent  irritation  or  inflammation  of  the  skin.    Solvent  absorbed  through  the  skin  can  result  in internal disorders.  If contact occurs, wash the affected area with water for 15 minutes.  For eyes, flush with water and then seek immediate medical attention. WARNING Improper cleaning methods and use of unauthorized cleaning solvents may injure personnel and damage equipment.  Refer to TM9-247 for correct information. WARNING Eye shields must be worn when cleaning with a wire brush.  Flying rust and metal particles may cause injury to personnel. WARNING Particles blown by compressed air are hazardous.  Make certain the airstream is directed away from user and other personnel in the area.  To prevent injury, user must wear protective goggles or face shield when using compressed air. 2-18