TM10-3930-660-34 14-3.  CAB ASSEMBLY WITH ROPS/POPS - REPLACE/REPAIR (Cont’d) 6. DISCONNECT HYDRAULIC LINES. a. Disconnect two hydraulic steering control lines at priority valve, TM10-3930-660-20. b. Disconnect six hydraulic lines from hydraulic joystick, four at boom control valve, one at shuttle valve, TM10-3930-660-20. c. Disconnect one hydraulic line from transmission disconnect master cylinder at transmission control valve, TM10-3930-660-20. d. Disconnect four hydraulic brake lines; one at each brake tee and two at frame tilt/brake relief valve, TM10-3930-660-20. e. Disconnect hydraulic line at tee of all four steering cylinders, TM10-3930-660-20. f. Disconnect hydraulic lines at frame tilt cylinder port, TM10-3930-660-20. g. Disconnect hydraulic line at hydraulic piston pump, TM10-3930-660-20. 7.  REMOVE GROUNDING STRAPS (11). Remove nuts (12) and (13), grounding strap (11), and starwashers (14) and (15). Discard starwashers (14) and (15). 8.  SECURE CAB USING A SUITABLE HOIST AND SLING. 9.  REMOVE FOUR NUTS (16), EIGHT FLATWASHERS (17), TWO WASHERS (19), FOUR RUBBER WASHERS (18), TWO CAPSCREWS (20), AND TWO CAPSCREWS (21). 14-5