TM10-3930-660-34 CHAPTER 14 BODY, CAB AND HOOD MAINTENANCE Section I. DESCRIPTION AND DATA 14-1. GENERAL. This chapter covers maintenance procedures for the body, cab and hood components, as well as component descriptions and data. 14-2. DESCRIPTION AND DATA. a. .Cab  The cab is attached to the left side of the frame. It is fully enclosed  and heated. Sound suppression panels are  installed  for  the  purpose  of  reducing    outside  noises.  The  cab  door  is  split  horizontally,  allowing  the  upper portion  to be propped open for cab ventilation. Additional ventilation is provided by a  skylight and the rear window, both  of  which  can  be  propped  open.  The  cab  design    incorporates  both  rollover  protection  (ROPS)  and  fall  over protection (FOPS). b. Seat.  The operator’s seat is a fixed position seat, with a one-piece frame and separate cushions for seat and back. Seat belt is anchored to the seat frame. c. Fenders.  Fenders are provided for all four wheels. The frame mounting brackets are attached to the vehicle frame. Light brackets are attached to the tops of the fenders. Section II.  BODY, CAB AND HOOD MAINTENANCE PROCEDURES BODY, CAB, AND HOOD MAINTENANCE TASK SUMMARY TASK PAGE PARA. PROCEDURES NO. 14-3 Cab Assembly with ROPS/FOPS - Replace/Repair 14-2 14-4 Sound Suppression Panels - Replace 14-15 14-5 Seat Assembly - Repair 14-18 14-1