TM10-3930-660-34 13-3. FRAME ASSEMBLY - REPAIR This task covers: a. Disassembly b. Cleaning c. Inspection d. Assembly Initial Setup Tools Materials/Parts Tool Kit, Automotive Mechanics Bushing(8) Conduit(5) Shop Equipment, Machine Shop Conduit(6)) Field Maintenance Basic, Less Hinge (7) Power Lockwashers (3) Loctite 271 (App B Item 43)) Tool Kit, Body and Fender Repair Equipment Condition Back-up alarm and rear service floodlights removed, TM10-3930-660-20. DISASSEMBLY 1.  REMOVE CROSS MEMBER (1). a. Remove eight capscrews (2) and eight lockwashers (3) from crossmember (1). Discard lockwasher (3). b. Remove cross member (1) from frame (4). 2.  REMOVE CONDUIT (5) FROM HOLE (9) IN FRAME (4). DISCARD CONDUIT (5). 3.  REMOVE CONDUIT (6) FROM HOLE (10) IN FRAME (4). DISCARD CONDUIT (6). 4. REMOVE HINGE (7) FROM FRAME (4). a.  Remove engine access door, TM10-3930-660-20. b.  Measure location of hinge (7) in frame cutout for door. Record location. 13-2