TM10-3930-660-34 CHAPTER 13 FRAME AND TOWING ATTACHENT MAINTENHNCA Section I.  DESCRIPTION AND DATA 13-1.  GENERAL. This chapter covers maintenance procedures for the frame and towing attachment components, as well as descriptive information. 13-2. DESCRIPTION AND DATA. The frame is constructed of heavy gauge plate steel. All joints are welded. The boom, counterweight and both axles are pinned  to  the  frame.  The  cab  and  body  components  are  secured  to  the  frame  using  a  variety  of  capscrews,  nuts  and washers. Openings in the frame provide access to the transmission and engine. Sheet metal covers are attached to the frame over these access openings. The fuel/hydraulic tank, cab and radiator guard are also attached to the frame. Section II.  FRAME AND TOWING ATTACHMENT MAINTENANCE PIKOWRES FRAME AND TOWING ATTACHMENT MAINTENANCE TASK SUMMARY TASK PAGE PARA. PROCEDURES NO. 13-3 Frame Assembly - Repair 13-2 13-1