TM10-3930-660-34 12-6 TIE ROD - REPLACE (Cont’d) d. Swing cylinder (1) away from axle to provide sufficient work room e. Repeat steps a - d for other steering cylinder 2. REMOVE TIE ROD (5) FROM SPINDLE KNUCKLE (6) a. Remove and discard cotter pin (7) from tie rod end b. Loosen castle nut (8) c. Tap castle nut (8) with a soft mallet to loosen tie rod end from spindle knuckle (6) d. Remove castle nut (8) e. Repeat steps a - d for other end of tie rod (5) f. Remove tie rod (5) from vehicle INSTALLATION 1. CONNECT TIE ROD TO SPINDLE KNUCKLE (6) NOTE It may be necessary to turn the wheels slightly when installing tie rod ends a. Position tie rod (5) ends into holes of steering spindle knuckles (6) b. Install castle nuts (8) on each tie rod end Tighten castle nuts (8) to a torque of 200 to 250 lb ft c. Further tighten castle nuts (8) as necessary until notches on each nut (8) align with cotter pin hole on each tie rod end d. Install new cotter pins (7) through notches on castle nuts (8) and through holes on tie rod ends 12-14