TM10-3930-660-34 12-5.  STEERING CONTROL VALVE - REPAIR (CONT’D) n.   Install space plate (9).  Align capscrew holes between spacer plate (9) and tapped holes in valve housing (11) o.   Rotate spool (19) and sleeve (20) assembly until pin (18) is parallel with port face. p.   Install drive (8).  Ensure that drive (8). Engages pin (18). q.   Install new seal (6) in gerotor housing (4). r. Install gerotor housing (4).  Place gerotor housing (4) with seal (6) mating to spacer plate (9).  Align valleys between (4).  Note parallel relationship between lines A, B, C, D. s.   Install star (5).  Engage star (5) and drive (8) without distubing relationship of components. t. Install  spacer (7) in star (5). u.  Install new seal (3) in end cap (2). v.   Install end cap (2) on gerotor housing (4) and align holes. w.  stall seven capscrews (1) in end cap (2). Pretighten capscrews (2) to 150 lb. In., then tighten to a torque of 275 lb. in. In sequence shown. 12-12