TM10-3930-660-34 12-5.  STEERING CONTROL VALVE - REPAIR (Cont’d) CAUTION Use care when installing spool (19) and sleeve (20) assembly to prevent shifting of parts. Failure to follow this precaution will cause part damage. e. Position spool (19) and sleeve (20) assembly so that spline end of spool (19) enters valve housing (11) end opposite steering column side. Push spool (19) and sleeve (20) assembly into valve housing (11) until flush at gerotor housing end.  Do not pull assembly beyond this point to prevent pin (18) from dropping into discharge groove of housing (11). f. Check for free rotation of the spool (19) and sleeve (20) assembly by turning with light fingertip force at spline end. g. Install two bearing races (16) and thrust bearing (17) over spool (19).      h. Install new seal (22) into valve housing (11). i. Do not lubricate quad ring seal 14). Install quad ring seal (14) and seal (15) in seal gland bushing (13). j.  Install seal gland bushing (13) over spool (19) in valve housing (11). k.  Install retaining ring (12). l.   Turn valve housing (11) over. m.    Install new seal (10) in valve housing (11). 12-11