TM10-3930-660-34 12-4. EMERGENCY STEERING PUMP- REPAIR This task covers: a. Disassembly b. Assembly Initial Setup Tools Shop Equipment, Automotive Maintenance and Repair, Common #1 Less Power. Equipment Condition Emergency steering pump removed. DISASSEMBLY NOTE The motor, pump/motor endhead and pump assemblies are not repairable. Each must be replaced as an assembly. 1. REMOVE FOUR CAPSCREWS (1) AND MOTOR ASSEMBLY (2). 2. REMOVE TWO CAPSCREWS (3) TO SEPARATE PUMP/MOTOR ENDHEAD (4) FROM PUMP (5). 3. REMOVE CHECK VALVE ASSEMBLY (6) AND RELIEF VALVE ASSEMBLY (7), IF NECESSARY. ASSEMBLY 1. IF REMOVAL WAS NECESSARY, INSTALL RELIEF VALVE ASSEMBLY (7) AND CHECK VALVE ASSEMBLY (6). 2. INSTALL PUMP/MOTOR ENDHEAD (4) TO PUMP (5).  INSTALL TWO CAPSCREWS (3). 3. INSTALL PUMP/MOTOR ENDHEAD (4) TO MOTOR ASSEMBLY (2). INSTALL FOUR CAPSCREWS (1). 12-7 Error! Not a valid filename.