TM10-3930-660-34 12-3 STEERING KNUCKLE - REPLACE/ADJUST (Cont’d b.  Install upper cap assembly c.  Apply Loctite 271 to threads of capscrews (1) Tighten capscrews (1) to 85-115 lb ft 6.  REPEAT STEPS 1-5 FOR OTHER STEERING KNUCKLE, IF NECESSARY 7.  INSTALL PLANETARY WHEEL ENDS, PARAS 8-6, 9-6 8.  INSTALL TIE ROD, PARA 12-6 9  ADJUST TIE ROD, TM10-3930-660-20 ADJUSTMENT 1 MEASURE VERTICAL END PLAY a.  If wheels are on ground: Use a feeler gauge to measure gap between upper steering knuckle cap shoulder and top machined surface of end of the axle housing b.  If wheels are removed (axle supported by blocks): Use a hydraulic jack or pry bar to push steering knuckle up until bottom of steering knuckle is tight against bottom of axle Measure gap as in STEP a c Vertical end play may also be measured by checking maximum vertical movement of knuckle with a dial indicator d Record measurement 2.  VERTICAL END PLAY LIMITS: a If end play is 0 013 inch or less, no adjustment is necessary b If vertical end play exceeds 0 013 inch, go to STEP 3 3 ADJUST VERTICAL END PLAY a.  Remove upper and lower steering knuckle caps Measure total current shim pack thickness (upper and lower shim packs combined) b.  Subtract actual end play (value obtained in STEP 1) from total shim pack thickness obtained in STEP 2a Divide this result by two c.  Make new lower shim thickness the same value as calculated in STEP 2b If this thickness cannot be met exactly, choose nearest thicker shim pack d.  Make new upper shim thickness the as value obtained in STEP 2b, plus 0 005 inch If this result cannot be met exactly, choose nearest thicker shim pack 12-6