TM10-3930-660-34 c  Emergency Steering Function Emergency steering pump (6) is powered by an electric motor and can supply a flow of oil to the steering system independently of the main hydraulic system.  If main steering hydraulic pressure is lost or drops below a level of 75 psi, pressure switch (7) will close and complete a circuit to energize the emergency steering pump motor.  Emergency steering pump flow bypasses priority valve (8) and goes directly to the inlet port of steering valve (1) A 1500 psi relief valve (11) is used  to  protect  the  emergency  steering  pump  (6)  and  other  circuit  components  against overpressure. Section II STEERING MAINTENANCE  SYSTEM  PROCEDURES STEERING SYSTEM MAINTENANCE TASK SUMIARY TASK PAGE PARA PROCEDURES NO 12-3 Steering Knuckle - Replace/Adjust 12-4 12-4 Emergency Steering Pump - Repair   12-7 12-5 Steering Control Valve - Repair   12-8 12-6 Tie Rod - Replace 12-13 12-3