TM10-3930-660-34 Turning the steering wheel in either direction will cause the spool in sleeve and spool assembly (9) to rotate with respect to the sleeve.   As this happens, oil is allowed to flow through passages in sleeve and spool assembly (9) to gerotor (10) This oil flow causes the gear in gerotor (10) to rotate, directing flow back to sleeve and spool assembly (9).   The redirected flow now exits sleeve and spool assembly (9) via the proper work port and goes to steer select valve (2) Steer select valve (2) ports oil flow to steering cylinders (3) according to the selected steering condition (two-wheel, four-wheel or crab).   If two- wheel  steering  has  been  selected,  only  the  two  front  steering  cylinders  (3)  are  supplied  If  four-wheel  steering  or  crab steering has been selected, all four steering cylinders are supplied As steering cylinders (3) move in one direction, exhaust oil from the other ends is returned to the reservior through ports of steer select valve (2) and sleeve and spool assembly (9) and through the hydraulic filter (not shown). 12-2