TM10-3930-660-34 CHAPTER 11 WHEEL AND TIRE MAINTENANCE Section I DESCRIPTION AND DATA 11-1 GENERAL This chapter covers maintenance procedures for the wheels and tires, and provides general description and design data. 11-2 DESCRIPTION AND DATA a.  Tires All four tires are identical in size and type (17 50-25 X 12 ply L-2)  Recommended inflation pressure is higher for the front tires (45 psi) than for the rear tires (40 psi), however, because of the additional load on the front end. b.  Wheels The wheels are of four-piece construction, each consisting of a wheel (rim), a flange, a locking ring and an O- ring The O-ring provides a seal against air leakage The flange, locking ring and O-ring are placed to the inside when wheel is mounted Section II WHEEL AND TIRE MAINTENANCE PROCEDURES WHEEL AND TIRE MAINTENANCE TASK SUMMARY TASK PAGE PARA PROCEDURES NO Tire - Repair (Refer to TM9-2610-200-14) 11-1/(11-2 Blank)