TM10-3930-660-34 10-4 BRAKE CONTROL VALVE - REPAIR (Cont’d) CLEANING See Cleaning Instructions, para 2-10 INSPECTION 1 MEASURE SPOOL (32) AND BALLS (26 AND 31). a Assemble spool (32) inside insert (33).  Place balls (26 and 31) in respective seats.  Measure across balls (26 and 31) with a micrometer Record measurement . b.  Remove spool (32) and place balls (26 and 31) on their respective seats.  Measure with a micrometer. c.  Subtract smaller dimension from larger dimension If difference is less than 0 004 inch, replace spool (32) with a new one. 2 INSPECT PLUG AND LOCKING PIN ASSEMBLY  (22). a.  The plug (22) has a nylon pin through threaded end so that plug will hold adjustment to which it is set.  Screw plug into control housing (59). b.  Check to see if nylon pin has sufficient friction with threads to keep plug (22) from vibrating loose . c.  If there is no increase in torque required to turn plug (22) when pin engages threads, replace pin. ASSEMBLY NOTE Wipe all sealing surfaces on pump clean and dry Apply film of clean hydraulic oil to all seals as they are installed. 10-12