TM10-3930-660-34 10-3 DISC BRAKE ASSEMBLY - REPLACE/REPAIR (Cont’d) 2 INSTALL PISTONS (5 AND 7) IN HOUSING (6) a.  Install pistons (5 and 7) in from lining side of housing (6). b.  Ensure that pistons (5 and 7) are straight in housing (6) bores. Push each piston (5 and 7) into housing bore until top of piston is even with top of dust seal (12). 3 INSTALL TWO CYLINDER HEADS (10) a.  Install a new O-ring (11) on two cylinder heads (10).  Ensure that O-rings (11) are not cut by threads on cylinder head (10). b.  Install two cylinder heads (10) in housing (6) Torque cylinder heads (10) to 75 lb ft. c. Apply Loctite 59241 pipe sealant to threads of plug (9) and fitting (15).  Install plug (9) and fitting (15) in two cylinder heads (10) 4 INSTALL TWO BLEEDER SCREWS (8) IN HOUSING (6) INSTALLATION NOTE Remove caps and plugs as hoses are installed.  Wipe all sealing surfaces on disc brake clean and dry. 1 POSITION DISC BRAKE (4) ON DISC a.  Check proper location of disc brake in relation with the disc. b. Verify that disc is centered between disc brake housing. 10-7