TM10-3930-660-34 10-3 DISC BRAKE ASSEMBLY - REPLACE/REPAIR This task covers: a.  Removal b.  Disassembly c.  Cleaning d.  Inspection e.  Assembly f.  Installation Initial Setup Tools Tool Kit, Automotive Mechanics Shop Equipment, Automotive Maintenance, Common #2 Less Power Shop Equipment, Automotive Maintenance and Repair; Field Maintenance, Basic, Less Power Cap and Plug Set Equipment Condition Service brake shoes removed, TM10-3930-660-20 Materials/Parts Back-Up Ring (14) Emery Cloth (App B, Item 5) Hydraulic Oil (App B, Item 35) Lint-Free Rags (App B, Item 38) Loctite 271 (App B, Item 43) Loctite 59241 (App B, Item 45) O-ring (11, 13) Tags (App B, Item 52) Wood Block REMOVAL WARNING Always use blocks, jackstands, or other rigid, stable supports when working beneath raised equipment.  Ensure that hoists or jacks are in good condition. Never use frayed, twisted, or pinched cables Never use bent or distorted hooks.   Failure to follow  this precaution could result in severe personal injury or machine damage CAUTION Wipe the area clean around all hydraulic connections to be opened during removal and disassembly.  Cap oil lines and plug holes after removing lines. Contamination of the hydraulic system could result in premature failure. 10-3