TM10-3930-660-34 9-6 REAR PLANETARY WHEL ENDS - REPLACE (Cont’d) 6. INSTALL PLANETARY GEAR ASSEMBLIES a.  Remove dirt, grease or moisture from the mating surfaces of the spider flange and hub mounting face b.  Dry both surfaces WARNING Adequate ventilation should be provided when silicone RTV-732 clear sealing compound is applied in confined areas Failure to do so could cause respiratory irritation, headaches and nausea Eye contact with silicone RTV-732 clear sealing compound may cause irritation; if eye contact takes place, flush eyes with water for 15 minutes and have eyes examined by a doctor c.  Apply a continuous bead of silicone RTV-732 clear sealing compound approximately 1/8 inch in diameter completely around the hub mounting face and around the inner edge of all fastener holes to assure complete sealing and prevent leakage NOTE Assemble components immediately to permit silicone RTV-732 clear sealing compound to spread evenly Failure to do so could cause axle to leak d Start planetary spider (1) onto wheel hub (2), aligning teeth of planetary gears (8) with sun gear (11) and ring gear (13) teeth e Align the match marks on the spider flange and wheel hub as previously marked during removal f.  Align holes on wheel hub (2) with holes on planetary spider (1) flange and push spider assembly against hub (2) g. Install sixteen capscrews (3) and flatwashers (4) h. Tighten capscrews (3) and torque to 60-75 lb ft 7. FILL PLANETARY WHEEL ENDS WITH LUBRICANT, L010-3930-660-12 8. INSTALL REAR DISC BRAKE ASSEMBLY, PARA 10-3 9. INSTALL WHEEL ASSEMBLY, TM10-3930-660-20 9-38