TM 10-3930-660-34 9-6 .  REAR PLANETARY WHEEL ENDS - REPLACE (Cont’d) f. Apply a thin film of gear lubricating oil to inside diameter of oil seal (17) and to oil seal journal surface of wheel bearing spindle (10). g. Align wheel hub and disc assembly (16) with wheel bearing spindle (10) .  Push wheel hub and disc assembly (16) onto spindle (10). h. Install outer bearing cone (18) in outer bearing cup (20). i. Install hub bearing nut (14) and draw wheel hub and disc assembly (16) into position while rotating wheel hub. 3. PRELOAD WHEEL BEARINGS. a. Seat bearings and related components by tightening the hub bearing nut (14) to 100 lb. ft .  while hub is rotated in both directions. b. Back off hub bearing nut (14) to relieve preload on bearings. Torque on nut should be 0 lb. ft. c. Use fabricated hub drag tool and a torque wrench to check rolling torque while hub is rotating at a steady rate (not starting torque). Record torque. d. Tighten hub bearing nut (14) and check hub rolling torque again. Increase in rolling torque from zero preload , should be 36 to 60 lb .  in .  for new bearings. NOTE If bearings are to be reused ,  the increase in rolling torque should be 1.5 to 2.5 lb .  ft. 9-36