TM 10-3930-660-34 9-6 . REAR PLANETARY WHEEL ENDS - REPLACE (Cont’d] 5. REMOVE SPINDLE ASSEMBLY. a. Remove ten spindle capscrews (21) ,  four shorter capscrews (22) ,  and fourteen flatwashers (23). CAUTION Inner oil seal (25) and bushing (24) in bore of spindle can be damaged when sliding spindle past axle splines. Remove spindle carefully to avoid damaging bushing and inner oil seal. Failure to do so could cause premature component failure. b. Remove wheel bearing spindle (10). c. Remove oil seal (25). d. If necessary ,  remove bushing (24). CLEANING See Cleaning Instructions ,  para .  2-10. INSPECTION See Inspection Instructions ,  para .  2-11. INSTALLATION 1. ASSEMBLE SPINDLE (10). a. If removed ,  push bushing (24) into spindle (10) until top of bushing is flush or just below bottom of bore for seal (25). b. Push seal (25) to bottom of bore. 2. INSTALL SPINDLE ASSEMBLY. a. Apply a thin film of gear lubricating oil to lips of oil seal (25) in spindle (10) bore , bore of bronze bushing (24) in spindle and oil seal journal on axle shaft short end. 9-34