TM 10-3930-660-34 9-5 . REAR DIFFERENTIAL CARRIER ASSEMBLY - REPLACE/REPAIR/ADJUST (Cont’d) e. Use a sling and hoist to carefully lift differential and ring gear (15-27) as an assembly and install into differential carrier (2) .  Bearing cups (15) must be flat against bores between differential carrier (2) legs. CAUTION Install bearing caps (10) in correct location to avoid thread damage by cross-threading adjusting rings (12) , when installed ,  or mismatching bearing caps (10). f. Install bearing caps (10) over the assembled bearing cups and bearing cones (16 and 17) .  Use match marks made during disassembly to match original location of bearing caps. g. Install capscrews (13) and flatwashers (14) and tighten hand tight. CAUTION Install adjusting rings (12) ,  using care not to cross-thread the rings or the caps .  A plastic or leather mallet can be used to align the rings and caps during installation .  DO NOT force adjusting rings; damage to threads may result. h. Install adjusting rings (12) and tighten hand tight against each bearing cup (15). i. Torque capscrews (13) to 110-145 lb .  ft. 9-25