TM 10-3930-660-34 9-5 . REAR DIFFERENTIAL CARRIER ASSEMBLY - REPLACE/RIEPAIR/ADJUST (Cont’d) CAUTION Spacing between first four installed capscrews (19) must be even to prevent uneven pressure on case halves when torquing .  Failure to do so could cause component failure. q. Apply Loctite #277 to eight capscrews (19) .  Install four of the eight capscrews (19) and four flatwashers (20) ,  as opposing pairs (D and E) ,  into case halves (21 and 22). r. Torque four capscrews (19) to 60-75 lb .  ft. NOTE Torque capscrews (19) in pairs opposite each other. s. Install remaining four capscrews (19) and four flatwashers (20). Torque to 60-75 lb .  ft. 7. CHECK ROTATING RESISTANCE OF DIFFERENTIAL GEARS. NOTE Fabricate a tool from an axle’s shaft that matches the spline of differential side gear (24). a. Put differential in a soft-jaw vise in the normal operating position. b. Install fabricated differential resistance tool (App .  C ,  Fig .  C-3) into spline of one side gear. c. Put torque wrench on end of differential resistance tool. Read the value of torque wrench as differential gears are rotated. 9-23