TM 10-3930-660-34 9-5 . REAR DIFFERENTIAL CARRIER ASSEMBLY - REPLACE/REPAIR/ADJUST (Cont’d) WARNING Wear gloves and proper clothing while handling hot ring gear (18) .  Failure to follow this precaution could result in serious personal injury. b. Use a sling and hoist to lift the ring gear (18) from tank of water. c. Install ring gear (18) on flange case half (22) immediately after heating .  If ring gear (18) does not fit easily on flange case half (22) ,  repeat STEP a. d. Align fastener holes of ring gear (18) and flange case half (22) by rotating ring gear (18) as needed. e. Properly install twelve new rivets (28) in pairs opposite each other (B and C) from the flange case half (22) side of the assembly (side opposite gear teeth) as shown .  Rivet head must be against flange case half (22). CAUTION Do not heat rivets (28) before installation .  Use only cold rivets for proper fastening. CAUTION Pressure on rivets (28) must be held for approximately one minute so that rivet body will completely fill hole .  Failure to do so could cause rivet failure. f. Use a riveting machine to press rivets (28) into place from ring gear (18) side of the assembly. Press rivets (28) in pairs opposite each other .  Apply 60 , 000 lb .  of pressure. 9-21