TM 10-3930-660-34 9-5.REAR DIFFERENTIAL CARRIER ASSEMBLY - REPLACE/REPAIR/ADUST (Cont’d) e. Remove bevel pinion (29), bearing cage (30) and shims (34), as an assembly, from the differential carrier (2).  Keep shims together for use during assembly.  If shims are damaged, measure total thickness of shim pack and record dimension; discard shims (34).  Shim thickness dimension will be needed to calculate depth of bevel pinion in differential carrier when gear set is installed. 5. DISASSEMBLE BEVEL PINION (29) AND BEARING CAGE (30). a. Use a suitable puller to remove pinion oil seal (36) from bearing cage (30). b. Remove pinion bearing cage thrust washer (37). c. Place bevel pinion (29) and bearing cage (30) in a press with splined end of pinion at the top of assembly. d. Support bearing cage (30) under flange area with blocks. e. Use a press to remove bevel pinion (29) from bearing cage (30). f. Remove outer bearing cone (38) from bearing cage (30). g. Use a suitable puller to remove inner bearing cone (39) and bearing spacer (40) from bevel pinion (29). h. Use a suitable puller to remove inner bearing cup (41) and outer bearing cup (42) from bearing cage (30). 9-13