TM 10-3930-660-34 9-5.  REAR DIFFERENTIAL CARRIER ASSEMBLY - REPLACE/REPAIR/ADJUST (Cont’d) REMOVAL 1. REMOVE AXLE SHAFTS (1). 2. REMOVE DIFFERENTIAL CARRIER (2) FROM AXLE HOUSING (3). a. Carefully tip axle assembly so that rear differential carrier (2) is up. NOTE Capscrews from differential carrier (2)  to axle housing (3) are of three different sizes.  Note size,  location and quantity of capscrews when removing for correct location during replacement. b. Remove twelve capscrews (4), twelve flatwashers (5),  two capscrews (6),  two capscrews (7) and four flatwashers (8) from differential carrier (2). c. Use a sling placed around the bevel pinion, behind companion yoke (9) to lift and support the differential carrier (2) during removal. d. Use a leather or rubber mallet to loosen the differential carrier (2) in the axle housing. e. Carefully remove the differential carrier (2) from the axle housing (3). f. Place differential carrier (2) on suitable stand or bench with ring gear up and clamp securely. DISASSEMBLY 1. REMOVE DIFFERENTIAL AND RING GEAR ASSEMBLY FROM CARRIER (2). a.    Use a center punch and hammer to mark one carrier leg (A) and bearing cap (10) to enable correct matching at reassembly. 9-10