TM 10-3930-660-34 9-3.REAR AXLE ASSEMBLY - REPLACE/REPAIR (Cont’d) a. Place floor jack under center of axle assembly.  Use floor jack to raise axle assembly.  Have assistant hold axle assembly steady. b. Remove stands or blocks. c. Lower floor jack to allow axle assembly to clear frame. d. Carefully move axle under vehicle with jack and position axle pivot hole in line with frame pivot holes. e. Use floor jack to carefully raise axle assembly while assistant holds assembly steady.  Keep shims (6) in position. f. Raise floor jack until axle pivot pin hole is aligned with frame pivot pin holes. 3. INSTALL PIVOT PIN (3). a. Secure rear axle to frame with axle pivot pin (3). b. Secure axle pivot pin with retaining bolt (5) and new locknut (4).  Torque bolt (5) to 100 lb.  ft. 4. INSTALL REAR PROPELLER SHAFT, TM10-3930- 660-20. 5. INSTALL REAR DISC BRAKE ASSEMBLIES, PARA.  10-3. 6. INSTALL REAR WHEEL ASSEMBLIES, TM10-3930- 660-20. 7.    USE A FLOOR JACK TO RAISE REAR OF VEHICLE UNTIL VEHICLE FRAME CLEARS JACKSTANDS. REMOVE JACKSTANDS AND CAREFULLY LOWER VEHICLE. 8.    CONNECT REAR STEERING CYLINDER HYDRAULIC SUPPLY HOSES (2). 9-7 9. CONNECT AXLE BREATHER HOSE (1) TO FRAME. 10.   INSTALL COUNTERWEIGHT, TM 10-3930-660-20.