1.IF REMOVED,  INSTALL FOLLOWING PARTS: a. Two bushings (16) and two sleeves (15). b. Two oil seals (14). c. Four king pin bushings (13). d. Two bearings (12). e. Oil filler plug (11). f. Oil drain plug (10). g. Breather (7), hose (8), and elbow (9). 2. INSTALL REAR STEERING KNUCKLES, PARA. 12-3. 3. INSTALL REAR DIFFERENTIAL CARRIER ASSEMBLY AND REAR UNIVERSAL (CARDAN) STEERING JOINTS, PARA.  9-5 4. INSTALL REAR PLANETARY WHEEL ENDS, PARA.  9-6. 5. INSTALL STEERING CYLINDERS, TM10-3930- 660-20. 6. INSTALL TIE RODS,  TM10-3930-660-20. INSTALLATION NOTE At least one washer spacer (6) must be installed on each side of axle pivot hole. 1. PLACE WASHER SPACERS (6) ON FRAME PIVOT PIN HOLES; USE THIN FILM OF GREASE TO RETAIN WASHER SPACERS (6). 2. INSTALL AXLE ASSEMBLY AND ALIGN WITH FRAME PIVOT PIN HOLES. 9-6