TM 10-3930-660-34 b. Planetary Wheel Ends.  The planetary wheel ends provide the second gear reduction at the wheel hub.  Planetary axles permit the bevel gearing of the carrier,  and the axle shafts to carry nominal torsional load while providing the highest practical numerical gear reduction at the wheels. The spur teeth of the planetary sun gear (1) mesh with teeth of the planetary gears (2).  The planetary gears rotate on planetary pinion shafts (3) which are mounted on the planetary cover (4).  The planetary gear (2) teeth,  in turn, mesh with the teeth of the planetary ring gear (5). Power is transmitted through the axle shafts to the sun gear,  through the revolving planetary gears (1 and 2) and into the planetary cover (4) which drives the wheel hub. Section II.  REAR AXLE MAINTENANCE PROCEDURES REAR AXLE MAINTENANCE TASK SUMMARY TASK PAGE PARA. PROCEDURES NO. 9-3 Rear Axle Assembly - Replace/Repair 9-3 9-4 Axle Pivot Pin - Replace 9-8 9-5 Rear Differential Carrier Assembly - Replace/Repair/Adjust 9-9 9-6 Rear Planetary Wheel Ends - Replace 9-32 9-2