TM 10-3930-660-34 8-6.  FRONT PLANETARY WHEEL ENDS - REPLACE (Cont’d) c. Install planetary ring gear (13).  It may be necessary to turn hub bearing nut (14) to match hole (A) on back of planetary ring gear (13).  Hub bearing nut (14) may be tightened to match dowel pin (15) with planetary ring gear, but torque on hub bearing nut (14) should not exceed 150 lb. ft. d. Install sun gear thrust washer (12), sun gear (11) and new spindle snap ring (9).  Tangs on thrust washer (12) must engage slots in ring gear (13). 6. ASSEMBLE PLANETARY SPIDER. a. Apply a thin film of gear lubricating oil to bore of planetary gear (8).  Slide planetary gear (8) and outer thrust washer (7) onto planetary pinion shaft (6). b. Install new snap ring (5) onto planetary pinion shaft (6). c. Repeat STEPS a and b for second and third sets of planetary gears (8),  thrust washers (7) and snap rings (5). 7. INSTALL PLANETARY GEAR ASSEMBLIES. a. Remove dirt,  grease or moisture from the mating surfaces of the spider flange and hub mounting face. b. Dry both surfaces. 8-38