CAUTION Inner oil seal (25) and bushing (24) in bore of spindle (10) could be damaged when sliding spindle past axle splines. Install spindle carefully to avoid damaging bushing inner oil seal (25).  Failure to do so could cause premature component failure. b. Install spindle (10). NOTE Install two shorter capscrews (22) at two top holes and two capscrews (22) at bottom two holes. c. Install ten capscrews (21), four shorter capscrews (22),  and fourteen flatwashers (23) to secure wheel bearing spindle (10). Torque capscrews (21 and 22) to 150 lb.  ft. 3.  INSTALL WHEEL HUB AND DISC ASSEMBLY (16). a. Install two bearing cups (20) with a suitable driving sleeve into wheel hub. b. Place wheel hub and disc assembly (16) on floor or bench with the brake disc up. c. Apply a thin film of gear lubricating oil to inner bearing (19) and install in inner bearing cup (20). d. Install oil seal (17) with a suitable driver. e.    Use a sling and hoist or other suitable lifting device to support weight of wheel hub and disc assembly (16). f.      Apply a thin film of gear lubricating oil to inside diameter of oil seal (17) and to oil seal journal surface of wheel bearing spindle (10). g. Align wheel hub and disc assembly (16) with wheel bearing spindle (10).  Push wheel hub and disk assembly (16) onto spindle (10). h. Install outer bearing cone (18) in outer bearing cup (20). i. Install hub bearing nut (14) and draw wheel hub and disc assembly (16) into position while rotating wheel hub. 8-36