TM10-3930-660-34 Table 2-1.  Direct Support and General Support Troubleshooting Table MALFUNCTION TEST OR INSPECTION CORRECTIVE ACTION ENGINE 1. ENGINE WILL NOT CRANK Step 1. Perform the electrical system troubleshooting, TM10-3930-660-20. Step 2. Check for engine seizure. a. Remove fuel injection nozzles, para. 4-3. b. Try to turn crankshaft manually. c. If crankshaft will not rotate, go to step 3. d. If crankshaft turns and liquid is discharged from nozzle holes,  check if liquid is coolant or fuel. e. If liquid is coolant, replace the cylinder head, para. 3-7. f. If liquid is fuel, test fuel injection nozzles, para. 4-3.  Replace defective nozzle(s), para. 4-3. Step 3. If crankshaft will not turn, engine has internal damage and requires internal repair. Remove engine, para. 3-3.  Disassemble and check for bearing seizure, para. 3-9 or piston seizure, para. 3-14.  Replace components as required. 2. ENGINE CRANKS BUT WILL NOT START Check for possible dirty or damaged fuel injection nozzles. Replace/repair fuel injection nozzles, if necessary, para. 4-3. 3. ROUGH IDLE (irregularly firing or engine shaking) Check for overtightened, damaged, or loose engine mounts. Tighten, loosen, or replace mounts as required, para. 3-4. 4. LUBRICATING OIL PRESSURE TOO LOW Check relief valve (stuck open). Replace relief valve, para. 3-23. 2-6